Q Can I book the activity via phone call?
Please make your booking via Airbnb.
Q Can I stay for long-term?
Yes. You can stay longer as a base camp for your Okinawa trip. We offer long-term discount as well.(Max 1 month)
More than 6 days : 5% OFF
More than 14 days : 10% OFF
More than 21 days : 12% OFF
More than 28 days : 15% OFF
Q Can I book for other occasions like party, group training, or company training?
Maximum 4 people can stay in 1 room, so please check your total number of people and make your booking accordingly.
Q How much will it be from Okinawa airport by taxi?
It will take around 13,000 JPY(Excluded toll) via Okinawa highway. If you are staying in Okinawa for few days, you can rent and return a car from the airport.
Q Are there tooth brush and pajamas?
Tooth brush(with tooth paste), face and bath towels are prepared, but not pajamas.
Q Is it smoking-free zone?
Indoor is strictly smoking-free.
Q Do you offer pick-up service?
I’m afraid we don’t offer pick-up service.
Q Are there rent bikes?
You can rent bikes from URUMA City Economy Department Tourism Section on 「Kaichu Drive(Kaichu-Doro)」
2,000 JPY per day(inluded consumption tax). (As of December 2019)
Q If all the rooms are booked, can I be on the waiting list and get informed when it’s available?
I’m afraid we don’t offer waiting list.
Q Is there Wi-Fi?
Yes, you can use wireless LAN and portable Wi-Fi. You can use the portable Wi-Fi when you are going out.
Q Is security system for the rooms installed well?
Intercom with video recording is installed in each room. If someone rings the door bell when guests are out, it records the video so that you can check who they are.
Q How many people can stay in 1 room?
A Maximum 4 people can stay in 1 room.
Q What is the difference between URUMA DOME and B&B?
For B&B, people stay in the same building or house. However, URUMA DOME offers the whole individual Dome house for your comfort and privacy.
Q What is the difference between URUMA DOME and hotels?
You can’t expect full service as hotels, however, you can enjoy kitchen, refrigerator, microwave, and tablewares like a studio apartment for your convenience.
Q Do I need to take off my shoes indoor?
Q Do you offer breakfast or dinner?
No we don’t.
Q If I stay more than a day, do you offer house keeping?
We don’t clean your room while you are staying, however, you can ask for changing the bedsheets(bed making) or cleaning. Please ask to our staffs.
Q Do I have to go to the front desk for check-in/out?
We offer automatic check-in/out system, so you don’t have to come.
Q How many staffs in URUMA DOME? Are they always around?
1 or 2 staffs is always around from 9AM to 5PM.
Q Is there any laundry machine or dryer?
You can use our laundry machine and dryer for free. There are 2 laundry machines and 2 dryers.
Q How can I enjoy water sports? How can I book it?
You can refer to the nearby water sports activities on our website.
Q Is there cooking equipment for the kitchen in the room?
Yes, there are frying pan, tableware, kitchen knife, and spicies. Please refer to the website for more details.
Q Can I bring ingredients? Are there any vending machine or grocery?
Yes, you can bring your own ingredients as you want. If you order drinks in advance, we can prepare them in your refrigerator on check-in day.
Q Can I rent pool supplies such as swimsuits?
You can rent beach mats, parasols, snorkeling supplies, and beach towels. Please prepare your own swimsuits.
Q Can I swim in the beach in front of URUMA DOME?
You are not allowed to swim. When it’s good weather, you can take a walk in the morning around the shore.
Q Can I see the sunset?
Uruma-shi is located at the east coast of Okinawa Island. So you can’t see the sunset to the west, but you can enjoy the peaceful evening view.
Q Is there any convenience store?
A There are Family Mart(Katsuren-henna branch) for 4 minutes by car and Lawson(Uruma branch, Yokatsu branch) for 8 minutes by car. You can also drive to the Mart (MAX VALU) MEGA Don Quijote Uruma.
Q Can I visit with my pet?
I’m sorry URUMA DOME is not pet-friendly accommodations.